January 2011

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century…remember that slice of classic 1970s TV science fiction?

It starred the hunky, man’s man, Lee Majors-like, Gil Gerard as 20th century astronaut Buck Rogers whose space shuttle mission goes awry and he’s frozen in space.

Eventually he’s revived in the 25th century and discovers that Earth has become a whole new world. Well, it’s become a lot more shiny, plastic, and disco.

Buck Rogers 25th Century TV Time PB Glen Larson Gil Gerard

Ahhh….Erin Gray…

Hot, sexy Erin Gray (who would later star in the non-science fiction, non-funny sitcom, Silver Spoons) portrayed the hot and sexy Wilma Deering. She was the goddess in skin-tight white futuristic outfits for teenage boys everywhere.

Man, 1970s TV was a goldmine of hot babes: Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, Deirdre Hall as ElectraWoman, and the glorious Lindsay Wagner as The Bionic Woman.

Mel Blanc (better known as the voice of Bugs Bunny) was the voice of the disturbing, somewhat phallic looking midget robot called Twiki. This Twiki robot wore an annoying disk-shaped supercomputer around his neck.

Twiki, whose head was shaped like a circumcised male member, wandered around babbling nonsense like “Biddy-biddy-biddy, Buck!”

Heck it was the 1970s. Anything goes, right? Everybody was so coked up that nothing had to make sense.

Oh, and let us not forget:

Princess Ardala, portrayed by Pamela Hensley. Princess Ardala was god almighty sexy. She wore those skimpy space outfits….

The great Michael Ansara (who was the Blue Djinn in I Dream of Jeannie and the Klingon Kang in the Star Trek: TOS episode “The Day of the Dove”) as Kane, Princess Ardala’s henchman.

This show, like Glen A. Larson’s true classic science fiction venture, Battlestar Galactica, did have fantastic special effects (for its era).

Dig the groovy space-a-licious cover art.

It’s the 25th century, babe. Let’s party like it’s 1977!



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