October 2011

Found this the other day, it is my old “Empire Strikes Back” era Millennium Falcon toy (well, what’s left of it).

It’s pretty big. It’s diameter is at least 10 inches in diameter. Very nice. Well, what’s left of it!

millennium falcon vintage toy star wars



I don’t have a review for this magazine. I just love the cover photo.

Cheryl Tiegs Vintage McCall's Magazine

Cheryl Tiegs

I love R. Crumb. His style of illustration has been an inspiration for many years. The R. Crumb Handbook is one of my favorite art books.

R Crumb Handbook eBay Listing

R Crumb's Best!

R. Crumb as he tells the surreal and twisted tale of his life. This beautiful, groovy book has over 300 illustrations and 50 photographs.

Well worth it!

Book Review: A+


This is a hardcover copy of the original 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now, let us not get too excited because this copy is a Book Club Version.

Some sneaky person snipped off the lower portion of the dust jacket that would have said “Book Club Edition”.

But I’m no fool…we’ll not all of the time. The copyright page made no mention of it being a first edition, but I do not care.

2001 Space Odyssey Arthur C Clarke Stanley Kubrick Novel

I love this novel. Arthur C. Clarke was (is) a wonderful writer. His prose successfully filled in the blanks of plot and motivation that were deliberately left out of the movie by Clarke’s partner in crime, the great Stanley Kubrick.

There are differences betwixt the novel and movie. The novel goes into detail about HAL’s breakdown, and the psychedelic climax occurs around Saturn. The movie leaves HAL’s breakdown a mystery and the awesome climax happens in Jupiter space.

Nearly fifty years on, the novel (like the movie) still holds up. One of the best.

Soon I will review the remaining books in the series. I’ve read them all and they’re not all bad…

Book Review:  A+

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