March 2012

Invaders From Rigel by Fletcher Pratt, from the golden age of science fiction.

Invaders From Rigel is a vintage Sci Fi tale. The book has a very groovy cover illustration.

Classic Vintage Sci-Fi Art

The colours are strong, intense, sort of pre-psychedelic. I love this groovy sort of “futuristic” art work that was prevalent during the glory days of the American Space programme.

Man, I can’t wait for the future!


The Deep Gods is about humans and dolphins living in harmony based upon a common bond – the Great Compact of Life.

deep gods science fiction fantasy environmental groovy sexy cover art

Light up, kick back, and mellow out, man…

Man, nothing beats the cover of old paperback books. Great art work.

Dig this groovy, polyester leisure-suited TV Tie-In published by Scholastic Book Services!

It’s The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman: Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner by Joel H. Cohen.

Six Million Dollar Man and  Bionic Woman TV Tie-In bio of Lee Majors and beautiful Lindsay Wagner

“We can rebuild them…we can make them stronger…”

This great book introduces us to the real Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner.

TV’s Steve Austin can lift an airplane single-handed, but what about the real Lee Majors? He owns horses and rides them like a cowboy.

Okay, sure, Jaime Sommers has no problem hearing a conversation a mile away, but actress Lindsay Wagner has a good ear in real life, too – she’s a professional singer.

This book is Bion-i-rific!

Few things in life are more  frightening than a mime, aka a silent clown. So one can only imagine the horror made possible by a supernatural thriller about a mime?

Oh yeah, the true harbinger of evil is The Mime. Forget about running scared from the Devil in a red jumpsuit,  horns and wielding a pitchfork, or hiding from a kid who can “see dead people”, or trying to escape from the bowels of  the Biodome with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin.

From the back cover:

“A girl crazed by torment!

The man who was her lover and the man who was her doctor watched the girl they thought they knew so well, and listened to unimaginably shocking words pouring from her mouth…

How could a girl this lovely be so familiar with such ugliness? How could a creature so light and airy be captive to such dark forces?

You are invited on a journey into evil beyond even the occult – where heartbeats echo in the silence and blood spells out the message of…The Mime.”

The Mime is a supernatural horror novel by Tony Profumo. Scary book about a Mime.


I just love the idea of this freakin’ book.

Look out! Is that Marcel Marceau behind you, pressed up against an invisible box?

Scared you, didn’t I?

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