1970s Science Fiction

Kronk, by Edmund Cooper.

Kronk by Edmund Cooper Vintage 1970s paperback

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This cover illustration is a fantastic relic from the era of psychedelic art and fiction.


Dig this groovy cover. Timepivot by Brian N. Ball. The cover art is by Tom Adams.

Timepivot Used Vintage Science Fiction Paperback Groovy Art Work

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Excerpt from the back cover:

Time drifted onto the ruin of the Galactic Federation. The centuries rolled over the wars of the first part of the new millennium, laying their patina of forgetfulness over the adventures of the survivors of the expedition to the Forever planet…

No one returned to the planet of the Timepivot.  Not of their own volition.

I do love 1970s era wacky, psychedelic cover art work.

Golden-Girl by Peter Lear.

Golden-Girl vintage used paperback book

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I guess headlights are now required for Olympic athletes…

Oh, no he didn’t! Oh, yes, I did go to there!

Here are some more groovy, psychedelic paperbacks from my wacky collection.

Asylum World by John Jakes

Awesome cover

Illuminatus! Leviathan

Classic 1970s psychedelic paranoia

Reverend Mama 1970s vintage paperback

Beware the 1970s Apocalyptic Cult!