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Kingdom of the Spiders is one of two classic 1970s horror starring the great William Shatner. The other, of course, is The Devil’s Rain.

Kingdom of the Spiders is a masterpiece. It shows the true terror of mankind threatened by angry insects. This vintage paperback novelization captures the claustrophobic horror of hundreds and hundreds of spiders overtaking  a small town in the American West.

The cover art captures William Shatner’s torment and pain as he fends off the never-ending march of the spiders.

Kingdom of the Spiders Used Book Vintage Paperback William Shatner Illustration Art Work

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The Sodom and Gomorrah Business
by Barry Malzerg

The cover illustration ( artwork by Charles Moll ) of this 1970s science fiction paperback makes me want to go speeding down the highway, screaming into the wind.

Sodom Gomorrah Business Sci Fi Vintage Paperback Barry Maltzberg Science Fiction

From the back cover:

Death and Disorder 104

Institute courses told a grim story about the Network – that savage world beyond the closely guarded Institute gates. But they wanted to see for themselves. They had to know.

Were there really females there? Would their training as mercenaries prepare them for the wild bands of grisly subhumans?

They set out on a journey of discovery only to become the unwitting agents of forces that threatened to destroy the only world they’d ever known.

Far out and groovy, man!