Kingdom of the Spiders is one of two classic 1970s horror starring the great William Shatner. The other, of course, is The Devil’s Rain.

Kingdom of the Spiders is a masterpiece. It shows the true terror of mankind threatened by angry insects. This vintage paperback novelization captures the claustrophobic horror of hundreds and hundreds of spiders overtaking  a small town in the American West.

The cover art captures William Shatner’s torment and pain as he fends off the never-ending march of the spiders.

Kingdom of the Spiders Used Book Vintage Paperback William Shatner Illustration Art Work

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This is a pretty cool illustration. I like how everything is framed within the large mushroom cloud.

Seventh Power Vintage 1970s Paperback Used Book

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From the first page:

They had a homemade A-bomb and love made in hell.

Bobby was a militant black, but he wasn’t from the ghetto. Aizy was a poor little rich girl who’d do anything for her man. To prove it she built him a small toy. A nuclear device set to blow New York apart – anytime Bobby said the word.

The Seventh Power [by James Mills] may be the most terrifying novel of the seventies!”

Today’s trippy science fiction paperback cover art of the day: Time Rogue by Leo P. Kelley.

Time Rogue Leo P Kelley Vintage Retro paperback Sci Fi

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A creepy young zombie girl eats the flesh of her mother. Zombies, gotta love ’em.

George A. Romero directed one of the greatest zombies movies of all time, Night of the Living Dead. Now, Joe Kane writes the definitive book on the making of this classic slice of horror cinema.

Night of the Living Dead Awesome Paperback

The original Goth movement

Night of the Living Dead: Behind the Scenes of the Most Terrifying Zombie Movie Ever is a must read for fans of the zombie genre, horror films, and vintage black and white midnight movies.

No stone is left unturned. The author interviews the great artists behind the original classic and the sequels.

Night of the Living Dead: Behind the Scenes of the Most Terrifying Zombie Movie Ever includes photos and the John Russo original screenplay, “The Anubis”.

What I like is the screenplay is not in traditional screenplay format. It reads like a combination of prose and stage play, like the screenplays for Ingmar Bergman’s “Face to Face” and “Wild Strawberries”.

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