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Children of the Void by William Dexter is a tale of a group of humans who work to rebuild a post-apocalyptic Earth. The Earth is then plunged into a journey through unknown dangers of space…

Children of the Void William Dexter Vintage Paperback Science Fiction Sci Fi

Earth’s chaotic voyage is watched by alien races. Who is friend? Who is foe?

This copy is a first printing October 1966 by Paperback Library. I love the cover art.


One day, I was browsing through a delightful used book store and a book caught my eye. I thought, “Hey, wait just one centon. That’s a weird looking U.S.S. Enterprise! Maybe it is another Star Trek Federation starship. Book has a great sounding title: Galaxy 666.”

Galaxy 666 is a vintage sci fi book with a crappy disguised Star Trek Enterprise starship model on the cover.

It’s the U.S.S. NEVERprise. Bazinga!

I take a closer look at the ship on the front cover. Ha!

This ain’t no Star Trek book and the model on the cover is a crappy, half-assed modified U.S.S. Enterprise.  The publishers clearly didn’t give a Regulan Bloodworm’s arse about copyright, trademarks, and all of that legal stuff.

Even ballsier, the back cover feature’s an excerpt from a “Captain’s Log”.

On the plus side, the book is a fast read.

The late 1960s was a truly exciting time for anything space related: Star Trek, 2001, Erich von Daniken, and the emergence of  the groovy Pink Floyd sound.

Thus, Galaxy 666 was a decent tome that must have satiated the stoned sci-fi fan’s desire for any kind of space story.

As much as I love Star Trek, I love vintage cheese sci-fi even more[redundant phrase] .

Live Long and Prosper.

Invaders From Rigel by Fletcher Pratt, from the golden age of science fiction.

Invaders From Rigel is a vintage Sci Fi tale. The book has a very groovy cover illustration.

Classic Vintage Sci-Fi Art

The colours are strong, intense, sort of pre-psychedelic. I love this groovy sort of “futuristic” art work that was prevalent during the glory days of the American Space programme.

Man, I can’t wait for the future!

Dig this groovy, polyester leisure-suited TV Tie-In published by Scholastic Book Services!

It’s The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman: Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner by Joel H. Cohen.

Six Million Dollar Man and  Bionic Woman TV Tie-In bio of Lee Majors and beautiful Lindsay Wagner

“We can rebuild them…we can make them stronger…”

This great book introduces us to the real Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner.

TV’s Steve Austin can lift an airplane single-handed, but what about the real Lee Majors? He owns horses and rides them like a cowboy.

Okay, sure, Jaime Sommers has no problem hearing a conversation a mile away, but actress Lindsay Wagner has a good ear in real life, too – she’s a professional singer.

This book is Bion-i-rific!

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