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This is a pretty cool illustration. I like how everything is framed within the large mushroom cloud.

Seventh Power Vintage 1970s Paperback Used Book

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From the first page:

They had a homemade A-bomb and love made in hell.

Bobby was a militant black, but he wasn’t from the ghetto. Aizy was a poor little rich girl who’d do anything for her man. To prove it she built him a small toy. A nuclear device set to blow New York apart – anytime Bobby said the word.

The Seventh Power [by James Mills] may be the most terrifying novel of the seventies!”


I love R. Crumb. His style of illustration has been an inspiration for many years. The R. Crumb Handbook is one of my favorite art books.

R Crumb Handbook eBay Listing

R Crumb's Best!

R. Crumb as he tells the surreal and twisted tale of his life. This beautiful, groovy book has over 300 illustrations and 50 photographs.

Well worth it!

Book Review: A+