Here’s a book I’ve had since my earliest days. I love this book. I used to be able to read and understand Japanese when I was much younger, but tragically I’ve lost the ability.

This book is great because it covers not just Ultraman, but also other old school Ultra folk, like Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Taro, Father of Ultra, and Mother of Ultra.

Vintage Ultra Man Superhero Classic


Good times.


Children of the Void by William Dexter is a tale of a group of humans who work to rebuild a post-apocalyptic Earth. The Earth is then plunged into a journey through unknown dangers of space…

Children of the Void William Dexter Vintage Paperback Science Fiction Sci Fi

Earth’s chaotic voyage is watched by alien races. Who is friend? Who is foe?

This copy is a first printing October 1966 by Paperback Library. I love the cover art.

Sin Street (originally titled Scarlet Patrol) by Dorine Manners is a vintage tale of call girls, crime, and the vice racket.

Sin Street Good Girl Art pulp book about vice prostitution and crime

This book rips “the veil off modern bordellos, fake massage parlors, and ‘dance studios’. It is the cold, hard truth…”

Nice example from the era of good girl art, pulp books. I love the green hand contrasted against the woman’s intense red dress.

Dig this groovy, polyester leisure-suited TV Tie-In published by Scholastic Book Services!

It’s The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman: Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner by Joel H. Cohen.

Six Million Dollar Man and  Bionic Woman TV Tie-In bio of Lee Majors and beautiful Lindsay Wagner

“We can rebuild them…we can make them stronger…”

This great book introduces us to the real Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner.

TV’s Steve Austin can lift an airplane single-handed, but what about the real Lee Majors? He owns horses and rides them like a cowboy.

Okay, sure, Jaime Sommers has no problem hearing a conversation a mile away, but actress Lindsay Wagner has a good ear in real life, too – she’s a professional singer.

This book is Bion-i-rific!