Star Trek's Capt. James Kirk versus his enemy, candy corn


To be buried alive…within a dead world…surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of the most waxy, disturbing food stuff in the known galaxy…


…I have accumulated way too many books, toys, memorabilia, and what-nots, over the years.

Thus, I should sell some of my things.

Perhaps I will.


But how can I part with my beat-up 1979 Millennium Falcon, or my Rolls-Royce diecast cars, and my record LPs?

Call me a hoarder.

I don’t care.

I love being surprised when I uncover a long hidden gem, like  faded BASIC programming books from the 1980s.

Call me a hoarder.

I don’t care.


Whilst cleaning out the closet, I stumbled upon this old 1970s era Star Trek Whitman comic book.

1970s retro vintage Star Trek comic book

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I love these old Star Trek comics.

Today’s trippy science fiction paperback cover art of the day: Time Rogue by Leo P. Kelley.

Time Rogue Leo P Kelley Vintage Retro paperback Sci Fi

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