Now, a change from just looking at old books. Today I look at this vintage C-130 Telex Landing & Take-off computer.

This is a nice set. First, there is the classic circular slide rule, called the “computer”. Very old school.

I am of the generation that finds it difficult using a normal ruler to draw a straight line, let alone being able to use a round slide rule to safely calculate the variables required for successfully landing a large and hulking plane like the C-130.

C-130 Hercules Aircraft Equipment Tools

vintage c-130 airplane hercules landing circular computer

There is also the technical manual and it all comes in a nice case.

c-130 airplane circular slide rule technical manual

My dad was a flight engineer and his buddies were load masters for the C-130. What an airplane.


Dig the hep art work on these paperbacks. The illustrations are nice and a tad sleazy.

call for michael shayne vintage pulp mystery novel sexy GGA cover art

Call for Michael Shayne.

cancel all our vows vintage pulp sexy crime paperback GGA

John D. MacDonald classic, Cancel All Our Vows.

poisons unknown sexy pulp vintage used paperback crime book

Poisons Unknown.

The Deep Gods is about humans and dolphins living in harmony based upon a common bond – the Great Compact of Life.

deep gods science fiction fantasy environmental groovy sexy cover art

Light up, kick back, and mellow out, man…

Man, nothing beats the cover of old paperback books. Great art work.

Dig this groovy, polyester leisure-suited TV Tie-In published by Scholastic Book Services!

It’s The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman: Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner by Joel H. Cohen.

Six Million Dollar Man and  Bionic Woman TV Tie-In bio of Lee Majors and beautiful Lindsay Wagner

“We can rebuild them…we can make them stronger…”

This great book introduces us to the real Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner.

TV’s Steve Austin can lift an airplane single-handed, but what about the real Lee Majors? He owns horses and rides them like a cowboy.

Okay, sure, Jaime Sommers has no problem hearing a conversation a mile away, but actress Lindsay Wagner has a good ear in real life, too – she’s a professional singer.

This book is Bion-i-rific!