Classic LP. There is no Bilbo Baggins song on this record. The New World of Leonard Nimoy is more country, or rather, country-pop. Nimoy sings classics like “I Walk the Line,” “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town”, and pop classics like “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.”

leonard album 01

leonard album 02


Star Trek's Capt. James Kirk versus his enemy, candy corn


To be buried alive…within a dead world…surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of the most waxy, disturbing food stuff in the known galaxy…

Here’s a book I’ve had since my earliest days. I love this book. I used to be able to read and understand Japanese when I was much younger, but tragically I’ve lost the ability.

This book is great because it covers not just Ultraman, but also other old school Ultra folk, like Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Taro, Father of Ultra, and Mother of Ultra.

Vintage Ultra Man Superhero Classic


Good times.

Now, a change from just looking at old books. Today I look at this vintage C-130 Telex Landing & Take-off computer.

This is a nice set. First, there is the classic circular slide rule, called the “computer”. Very old school.

I am of the generation that finds it difficult using a normal ruler to draw a straight line, let alone being able to use a round slide rule to safely calculate the variables required for successfully landing a large and hulking plane like the C-130.

C-130 Hercules Aircraft Equipment Tools

vintage c-130 airplane hercules landing circular computer

There is also the technical manual and it all comes in a nice case.

c-130 airplane circular slide rule technical manual

My dad was a flight engineer and his buddies were load masters for the C-130. What an airplane.